Has your mental heath stopped you from applying for a job or similar?

Hard Parts 

"getting up in the morning and having to talk to people at work about politics when they have shit politics and are just tories really."

“Washing my face, eating, getting up and going to work, leaving the house and getting dressed"

"I found it hard to seek help, it took me 2 years to even see someone for counselling and I feel like if I had tackled it sooner, I wouldn't be as bad."

"Looking like I'm together"

"the time between 3-6pm"


"making decisions; around what to eat especially, and about anyone else's feelings."

"I think the hardest thing is feeling like people actually have the time to help you. Although it's hard to find the time to help yourself"

"I wish feelings like this didn't exist. I revel in the times that there's actually something wrong and I'm sad or angry or hurt because there's something to push against and something to resolve. Until recently I've even enjoyed the feeling of panic attacks and severe stress because it pushes out the depression, although there was always going to be a time limit on that and it's now wearing thin."

"when someone tries to take my picture" 

"The worst thing i do is keep my delusions to myself, trying to convince myself that I can use my own biased logic to deconstruct my paranoid delusions"

"I find that it becomes hard to talk to people about these issues when I don't want to burden them with negativity or have anyone feel sorry for me (a conflict of pride). Also the fact that solving these problems ultimately comes down to the individual and developing healthier habits and behaviours as part of a routine."

From whom did you seek help first? 

Opening up to a friend has been the most common, followed by parents and then GP. 
But it is very common for those to seek help from strangers: 
"a girl i met online"

"a sexual health advisor at a clinic"
"Arch nemesis"

On medication 

"has helped me a lot, i think it's a good start, it can drag you out of the hole and then you can work at reinforcing the hole so you can't go back down the hole again or know how to get yourself out"

"I thought I was entirely against medication until I got put on it and I realised that if it helped me it was ok"

"I believe it varies from case to case, but should be highly moderated and not prescribed whilst in youth"

"I would not have been able to keep.my head above water without having taken some Sertraline."

"not into it."

like patching up a leak using duct tape"

"I don't want to take it, but respect those who do"

Should we be able to take non medical routes? Should you just stop drinking and smoking and partying then feel how you see?"

"Useful, Invasive"

"its comforting to know that this is an option for"

"concerned that I'll be compromising my personality"

"I tried it once but it scares me to feel diluted in that way."

"I think it just tries to change your mindset/mood but isn't really efficient"

"They're helpful when they work but it takes too long to see if they're working."

"they worked, but not in isolation from social and material conditions being better"

"still unsure despite taking them myself. they have really helped me though. i do not want drugs to be the solution though, and in the long term (which keeps prolonging itself due to (relatively) fear of coming off of them) want to find a life in which medication doesn't feature."

"what i find difficult about medication is the professionalisation vs. web surfing paranoia/slamming of certain types and brands with accompanying horror stories (like any late night surf of the next illness that you think you are suffering from brings up) i have not been able to find out very much information about the meds i take besides the long list of possible side-effects but unable to find anywhere an explanation of what they are, and what they are actually 'doing' beyond a 1 sentence summary. "

"I've thought about trying to get some but I'm too scared to go to my doctor in case they don't take me seriously"

"Pro medication, as long as your GP spends the time to help you find the right meds / dosage. Being on the wrong meds / too high a dosage can be detrimental to a person's long term mental health."

" a lot of the time we aren't in the position that we can offer ourselves the amount of self love needed to be okay, and if medication is a way to make life bearable, its a good option."

On sadface.club

It's my first time on this web, i liked it so much i bookmarked it

hearing anyone talk openly about their mental health problems can make me feel more normal

"I'm proud and excited to see a project like this! I'm a proud member! It's helped me accept that I'm sad a lot and so I can ironically be relaxed and happy about that of me, rather then freak out more in an isolated mind space..."

I think its amazing. I've been looking for a site like this for a long time and I really think the stigma for mental health is such a big issue and if it can be de-stigmatised it would help a great deal. There needs to be more projects like this available so people can feel comfortable to seek help.

Don't make it too trendy - it might make people feel unwelcome? I'm sure that's not what you want to hear, sorry. Good one for taking it on though and talking. Always a good thing. Thanks.

"Love it but not yet confident enough to join and give my story openly"

it's brilliant to see some people who are trying to display their own honesty, in comparison to everyone else who is carefully curating an image for themselves where maybe being "troubled" is cool but that is also so curated. this website is very much needed!

"Don't hate too hard on the nhs. They do more than a lot of other countries/ health care systems. Medication should be a last resort. "

I feel a little bit better just after writing this.

this is a great initiative (: as being open about mental health should be more than just saying / thinking / believing we are.... but actually doing things like this.. (taking action)

"education in schools is so vital. for those suffering from mental issues and even the friends of those who suffer. it should be treated as importantly at sex education. also advertising campaigns, it needs to be part of daily discussions, mainstream media."  

My mum suffers with mental health issues and I find it hard to know how to deal with this when she is hysterical or feels isolated.

I think it's a great idea - I also like the way it's done and think that the person who founded it has the type of personality and manner that makes the club acceptable to me - not self-involved, not self-promoting, not 'look at me and my problems which are worse than everyone else's, feel sorry for me' but instead just says: 'this is what is going on, I've been on a long journey to get where I am and I'm ok talking about it now - I hope that other people can also get to a place where they're happy to talk about it and I want to help facilitate that. You don't have to have anything to do with it but it's there if you do'.


Do you feel you have experienced stigma as a result of of your mental health problem?

Most Helpful

“controlling and focusing on my breath, audio books, making lists, writing”


"working with a rape survivors self help group"

University healthcare (easier to access in Canada)

"Web communities"

"Understanding how panic attacks work"

"Hearing other people's coping strategies"

"the Samaritans have helped me a lot at my lowest, and my partner has mental health problems also, so he is a great support" 

"a dom/sub relationship"

"My boyfriend - for being there and showing me how to be calm and being so gentle, for teaching me how to trust"

"Clinical trial from a university"

"Speaking to friends who have told me I need to see my GP."

" I've used a app that gave me the idea of visualising something moving in front of you - road traffic/river - and letting the things on your mind one by one drift away so you don't have to think about them, you park them there, can still see them but don't have to think about them."

CBT Therapist - I got referred for M.E. but I'd always wanted to do CBT but knew my parents wouldn't support it if it was just mental health issues. 

Least Helpful 

"contacting my uni was a horrible mistake in regards to their mental health scheme."


 "I think social media in general is probably detrimental to mental health. Time spent fixated on the (often exaggerated) lives of others is time taken away from focusing on ourselves."

"Probably my parents. I love them and they want to support me but they absolutely cannot understand depression - it just doesn't compute with them and it's hard to feel cared about when someone doesn't want to hear about something that you find so difficult"

"People with the same problem"

"I was offered to be sectioned"

"I made friends with a girl on Twitter who had similar experiences and that developed into a very toxic relationship! Do not recommend."

"The NHS have been mucking me around with my CBT - cancelling and not rescheduling"

My negative experiences of getting support include seeing two GPs at different points in my life. One told me that I didn't need anti-depressants and that they were just creating "false joy" that my brain didn't need. The other told me that depression wasn't really an illness so I didn't need a diagnosis.

"reading health food blogs is the worst"

"having to remember to book an appointment to renew my prescription three weeks in advance of it running out is impossible"

"my first experience of trying to get help involved going to the GP.. the first question he asked me was "have you just broken up with your boyfriend?". I was genuinely so shocked that he asked that, I burst into tears... a small part of me that was already muffled by my sadness wanted to shout FUCK YOU but I was so shocked that he could completely patronise me and dismiss me and my issues (I had taken a long time to gain the courage to ask for help) that it basically made me retreat into myself even more."

"i've never felt comfortable trying to ring up helplines and things when i'm in a state"

"Avoiding the situations I struggle with, meaning I don't overcome the problem."

"people telling me that I'm not fat or ugly that I'm seeking attention. People that tell me that my scars are disgusting and I don't have any reason to be sad and I should think about 'real problems' before over exaggerating problems or thoughts i have. TALKING TO PPL."

"Online tick box therapy from my first ever eating disorder counsellor. My GP who told me I wasn't thin enough to have an eating disorder."

"any kind of judgement on my choices"

"lack of understanding that it's difficult to 'just get on with it'."

"The lack of mental health care is an awareness problem. It's a social problem. People don't talk about it enough, it's not in peoples faces enough for the nhs to prioritise in their awareness campaigns or budget. It's not always a direct killer but it can and it leads it individual and family unhappiness, abuse and perpetuating of abuse through generations. "

Being forced to feel a certain way, or being told off in case you 'ruin' someone else's day - as if your behaviour is on purpose.

Diagnosis is a problem. Categorisation is a problem. Terminology is a problem. Language. 

"Almost everyone at some point will suffer with some form of mental health problem- people are scared of being labelled for life, discriminated against, judged. And currently they are right."

On getting to sleep

"Reading until your eyes droop"

"Turn around in the bed so your head is at the other end, if that fails have a cold foot bath for ten minutes, it helps drain the blood away from your head"


hitchhikers guide to the galaxy audio book, or harry potter, whatever is available on youtube."

"relax your mind into a liquid-state"

"Fresh sheets"

"count backwards from 1000, do times tables, imagine a rippling cornfield, make your body filled with a sleepy lead so it can't move, do a body scan up from your toes,"

"associate your room with sleep as opposed to being awake"

"At night if my mind starts to rush or I feel anxious, I concentrate on breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. My mouth makes a strange clicking noise that I try to focus on suppressing which gives me something to do instead of my mind concentrating on rushing / being anxious. If this fails to work I imagine this feeling is a small box which I lock in a safe and close the safe door.

"ASMR forever"

No phones, have sex, read a book that isn't crical theory and keep your daydreams strictly dreams or they will turn into anxiety. Also it totally helps me to have a shower before bed then I feel cosy like i am already asleep.

"bedtime yoga positions on Pinterest"

"phone embargo an hour before sleeping"

"I know you should limit your screen time before bed but actually when I've gone through my worst periods of insomnia and middle of the night panic attacks I found that all that put me back to sleep was to watch peep show episodes on youtube on my phone"

Best advice you've been given 

"Depression is a liar - the fundamental fact that my negative thoughts were/are irrational, and that I have control over them"

"I felt so stupid walking down a street Boston with a long face, when a homeless man looked up at from his little corner on the side-walk where he lived and said enthusiastically: "you gotta smile once in a while!!" It knocked right out of my spiralling negative thought patterns. I giggled throughout the day and bought the guy a burrito on the way home..."

"love yourself or nobody else will is bullshit, love yourself so that when someone does love you its authentic and when they leave you you remain intact and unscathed"

"Don't get worked up by the idea of tomorrow."

"write yourself a letter when you're up to yourself to read when you're down."

"treat urself like youd look after the 10 year old version of yourself"

 "The best is also the most painful message - 'You'll get through it'. When I respond 'but I can't', the response is 'but you are already. You're coping, somehow'. This is such a painful message for me because I always see suicide as a safety blanket that is always there if it all gets too much, but hearing this makes me realise that I can't keep doing that. I've got to get through the here and now and even if I can't manage to expect things will get better in the future, somehow I'm crawling through and not combusting so I need to learn to flourish instead of crawl"

"One step at a time"

"to envision the future you want"

"take things day by day, piece by piece" - Amy Poehler

"Strangely enough, it was: 'Nobody cares', which is a good thing."

"this too shall pass"

"if you start loving yourself more, and caring for yourself instead of beating yourself up all the time, you can allow yourself to start thinking positively and use all your experiences from your condition in a wise way and help others."